Our Mission 

The Welcome Directory has a simple yet powerful vision: EMPOWERING FAITH COMMUNITIES TO WELCOME  PRISON LEAVERS

Our Goals

The goals of the The Welcome Directory over the next three years are to: 

  • Increase awareness of The Welcome Directory, both in existing areas of operation and in new geographic areas
  • Create a substantial directory (online and hard copy resource) with wide geographic coverage and wide breadth of faith and beliefs groups, representative of those reflected within the prison service
  • Enable every registered faith community to have the opportunity to attend the Prisons Awareness Course 
  • Ensure that every person leaving prison with a faith is made aware of The Welcome Directory and how to safely connect with a welcoming faith community upon release
  • Ensure that the voices of prison leavers are embedded and amplified within our work
  • Be a recognised part of the post release landscape, positively engaging and collaborating with other organisations in the criminal justice and faith arena
  • Have a sustainable funding and resourcing model
  • Be a great organisation to work / volunteer with

Watch our animated video here to learn more how we work!

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