Prison Awareness Course



The Prison Awareness course is webinar series designed to offer you the unique opportunity for exploring what it means to welcome prison leavers into your faith community. You will increase you knowledge, understanding and capacity for welcoming prison leavers appropriately. Sign up for updates here!

Across the three 90 minute sessions you will:

  • Examine and challenge your pre-existing beliefs and preconceptions around prison leavers and the criminal justice system 

  • Explore lived experience by engaging and listening to the story of prison leavers

  • Have a safe space for open discussions around topics such as safeguarding Receive signposting advice to support services and organisations

  • Connect with individuals across faith communities and those working across the social justice sector, such as Chaplaincy

Each session is different and can be broken down as follows:

Session 1 allows you to explore your pre-existing ideas about prison and people who leave prison.

Session 2 gives you the opportunity to engage in conversations with prison leavers and prison chaplains to explore the role of faith in the journey through the gates. 

Session 3 explores the rich benefits of engagement with faith communities by celebrating the power of connection, support and acceptance. It also offers insights into common concerns surrounding safeguarding and expectations.

Register your interest for the next prison awareness course to stay up-to-date.

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