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How you can help

Connecting with supportive faith communities can make a life changing difference for prison leavers and we’re proud to facilitate those connections.

Our work is only possible thanks to generous support from those who kindly contribute towards our work.
Their support enables us to carry out activities like...

Producing and distributing physical directories: Free copies of our directory are made available in every prison in England and Wales. This is essential for facilitating use within the resettlement process, but costs us £3 per directory. 

Delivering the Prisons Awareness Course: We offer this invaluable course at zero cost, and participation is often a necessary step in the registration process. The course significantly helps to raise awareness and expand our reach, and costs us over £600 per series to deliver.

Engaging with new faith communities, maintaining our resource, completing registrations & more: Such activities all rely on our small team of staff. Ensuring that our team remains able to operate is crucial for maintaining momentum and enabling us to provide the best possible resource.

Could you donate today to help us carry out this work?


How you can help

Our ability to keep on working to grow our directory and help prison leavers with faith to forge positive connections is dependent on securing sufficient funds. 

If all of our registered faith communities gave just £50 per year, that would reach a combined total of £9,500 per year!
That could make an incredible difference for our work. 

Interested in fundraising but stuck for ideas? We've listed a few of our favourites below... If those all sound too  complicated, then the tried and tested collection bucket is always a winner, and for a small charity like The Welcome Directory, a little goes a long way. 

Fundraising Ideas!

Go the distance

How many miles is it from your door  to the nearest prison gates?

For prison leavers, that distance can feel insurmountable. Why not set a goal of walking, running or cycling that distance in a set time, and invite your friends to sponsor your efforts.

Or perhaps you could set a group target, aiming to walk 800 miles in a month for the 800 prison leavers with faith who are unable to join new faith communities upon release every month.

Jail Break

This fun game suits groups of all shapes and sizes.

One bold member of the community volunteers themselves as ‘prisoner’ and is ‘not allowed out’ until they can reach a fundraising ‘bail’ target.

Maybe this means locking Dad in the under-stairs cupboard  until his mates pledge £5 each.

Or maybe your faith leader could  volunteer to hide away until the community comes together to raise £150. .

Colourful connections

Are you an artistic bunch? Running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained?

Why not run a competition to see who can create the most beautifully decorated paper-doll-chain?

These are lovely symbols of the connections which make our communities such special spaces.

With a modest donation 'entry fee', participants can enjoy getting creative and display their creations in your place of worship or on your social media, competing for the title of Star Artist,

Coffee and Cake Morning

Want to enjoy delicious coffee and snacks whilst having a positive impact?

This tried and tested concept is a win-win, a chance to indulge in tasty treats and rich conversation, whilst contributing to an important cause. 

You can offer up some simple home-brewed tea and coffee, and invite your customers to donate what they'd pay in a swish coffee shop. An easy way to make a generous difference whilst enjoyingthe morning caffeine jolt!

We would love to hear about you've been up to, and celebrate your fundraising achievements together. Do get in touch and let us know what you've achieved as a community and inspire others with your story!


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