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In order to create a national directory we need to make sure that faith communities across the country are aware of us. To do this we need a small army of volunteers willing to work with prisons and in their own communities. Specifically, we need;

Community Volunteers

Passionate people who will enthuse various local faith communities to consider registering. For those faith commuties who are not sure what it might mean for them to be open to accept people straight from prison, community volunteers try to arrange a taster day at the nearest prison and if appropriate run the Prisons Awareness course sessions with them.

Community Volunteers also help Faith Communities who have shown an interest in becoming part of The Welcome Directory to overcome any hurdles they might have before registration is complete.

If that sounds like something you could do then we would love to hear from you.

Prison Volunteers

We also need volunteers who would be willing to work with prison chaplains at their local prison to establish The Welcome Directory as part of their internal community engagement and resettlement agendas. Prison volunteers liase with the Commuity Volunteers to make a taster day happen, and where faith communities are working through the Prison Awareness course arrange Session 2 (which is held inside the prison).

If that sounds like something you could do a couple of times a year then we would love to hear from you.


Welcome Directory Prisons Awareness Sessions

A three session course to help your faith community prepare to help people leaving prison find the welcome that will help them grow.

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