"We as a community feel that it is an important part of our duty to support those who are coming out of prison and looking to continue their faith practice. My experience working within the prison system has taught me that when imprisoned, a person can look inwards and on many occasions rediscover that faith that can bring out another side to them which had been forgotten. This faith practice gives them a higher purpose to attain despite being inside, a way to make sense of things and gives them the strength to cope with tribulations.

The sad fact of the matter is that the same practising Muslim on many occasions struggle to keep up that same level of commitment to their faith upon release, and this can be attributed in some cases to the difficulty they have in ‘fitting in’ to a Mosque they never had the habit of attending. What we wish to do is make a point of making those who have come out of prison feel welcome at our Mosque through people who have some understanding of their journey and experiences." 

Imran Vohra
Registered Community Masjid Muhammad (S.A.W., Leicester 
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