In order to create a national database of welcoming faith communities we need to establish the work in 121 prisons across England and Wales and ensure that faith communities in every region have a chance to get involved. There are two very specific volunteering opportunities to help us achieve this goal.

Community Volunteers

We are looking for passionate volunteers who will enthuse various local faith communities to work through The Welcome Directory sessions together and complete the registration process. Would you be willing to gather interested people together in a range of faith communities and lead them through the first session, accompany them to the prison session and help to facilitate the What's Next? session. If that sounds like something you could do a couple of times a year then we would love to hear from you.

Prison Volunteers

We also need volunteers who would be willing to work with prison chaplains at their local prison to establish The Welcome Directory. This role is an administrative role and you would assist the prison chaplains to invite and organise the prison based session as well as ensure that faith communities engage with the registration process.


Many faith communities pray. Whatever form your prayers take, please consider remembering The Welcome Directory on a regular basis. Key points below. 

  • For prison chaplains - for the work they do with prisoners and staff and by inviting faith communities to join worship and faith based activities in their prison.
  • For The Welcome Directory to be successfully developed at each of the 121 prisons in England and Wales.
  • For the right volunteers to help spread The Welcome Directory across the whole of England and Wales.
  • For faith communities who are already involved in prison ministry and resettlement work.
  • For faith communities in every community across England and Wales to find out about and become a part of The Welcome Directory.
  • For the development of The Welcome Directory - that it might do its work with integrity and diligence.
  • For financial resources to build a team to outwork the vision to have faith communities in every community in England and Wales represented in the directory.
  • For success in our applications to grant making trusts.
  • For people of faith who are leaving prison, to find welcoming and supportive faith communities who will help them resettle.


The Welcome Directory is a small charity which relies on sponsorship and donations to continue its work. Our funding will currently run out on 31st March 2017.

Please make a donation of whatever you can afford, towards developing the vision for 2017.

If you are a faith community and already registered, or working towards becoming a registered faith community, please consider making an annual donation to the work so that we can build a sustainable charity and reach every community in England and Wales. 

We are working towards hiring new staff members to realise our vision and increase our capacity from one staff member working 3 days a week to 3 1/2 full time equivalents.

Our fundraising target for 2017 is £250,000.

Every contribution helps us to build the work. Donate with our CAF widget below or by cheque.




Donations can be made by cheque, payable to The Welcome Directory and sent to:

The Welcome Directory
27 Tavistock Square,

Any questions then please get in touch!